PAFEA + CNED = French with no worries now online, via live classes with Webex!  

Who are we and how does PAFEA work?

PAFEA is a local school that offers French classes in the afternoon for kids 5 to 12 years old. Kids can be in public’s school and continue their French education.

PAFEA follows the CNED program (Program from the French ministry of education for French people living abroad).

• PAFEA is more affordable than private schools with the same or more rigorous program.

• PAFEA offers the opportunity for expats to experience their neighborhood schools when staying in touch with their French heritage and participate to celebration like, “Galette des rois”, “Chandeleur”,…


Children’s must be 5 years old

Children’s must be 6 years old

Children’s must be 11 years old and up

"We transferred our son, Nicolas from the ISTP French program in Palo Alto to PAFEA three years ago. He has completed the GM, CP, and CE1 at PAFEA. We are much more satisfied with the French program at PAFEA than we were with a full-time French program. All of our teachers at PAFEA are very competent and are patient with the children."
Nancy Bremeau
02/09/12 - CE1/2nd grade class
"CP was a hard one! I'm so glad we decided to start PAFEA in Kindergarten. My daughter was well prepared for this challenging class and we are looking forward for next year CE1 as the teacher said this is pretty much a recap from CP, YES! The PAFEA's teachers are very nice and understanding of each kids needs as we all have different expectations for our children."
Marie Levallo
03/20/14 - CP/1st grade

School’s presentation and classes for who?

School’s schedules and kids programs.

PAFEA follow’s the CNED program (Program from the French ministry of education for French people living abroad).

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