feedback from parents and teachers (before Covid 19)

"CP was a hard one! I'm so glad we decided to start PAFEA in Kindergarten. My daughter was well prepared for this challenging class and we are looking forward for next year CE1 as the teacher said this is pretty much a recap from CP, YES! The PAFEA's teachers are very nice and understanding of each kids needs as we all have different expectations for our children. As my husband and I are returning to France in two years, this program is perfect to keep our daughter with her French education."
Marie Levallo
03/20/14 - CP/1st grade
"My daughter is currently in GSM and always looks forward to her French class at PAFEA. She loved it from day one, and wouldn't miss a class for anything. Her teacher is extremely competent and committed, and, more importantly, she adores her. It's also pretty neat to see the kids talk to each other in French before and after class. We're very grateful to have found such a great program. We like that it's structured and follows the CNED, which is why we were drawn to PAFEA in the first place. It's nice to see our daughter progress too and get excited about learning cursive. She likes to recount everything they did in class and her little brother can't wait to get started too. Overall, our kid is happy and so are we.Thanks for putting this together Philippe!"
02/09/12 - Maternelle/ Kindergarten class
“We transferred our son, Nicolas from the ISTP French program in Palo Alto to PAFEA three years ago. He has completed the GM, CP, and CE1 at PAFEA. We are much more satisfied with the French program at PAFEA than we were with a full-time French program. All of our teachers at PAFEA are very competent and are patient with the children. We like the low ratio of teacher to children at PAFEA, Nicolas gets lots of individual attention. He also enjoys going to PAFEA where he sees his friends two times per week. He is very proud of his French and especially enjoys the certificate he receives at the end of each year as well as the Galette du Rois celebration. His level in French is very good and we are very happy with the program. PAFEA is a very nice community for the parents and children.”
Nancy Bremeau
02/09/12 - CE1/2nd grade class
"My daughter, Sophia, who is 6, followed the 1st grade (CP) program, this year (2007-2008). I was extremely happy with the results. In less than one year, Sophia learned to read and write (cursive) in French. She is now able to read by herself, her magazine "Pomme d'Api", that she receives each month to keep in touch with French. I was also very satisfied with her teacher, a French lady from "l'Education Nationale", which is the French official organism for teachers. She was competent, and very patient with these little kids, who were often tired after a day in their primary schools. Thanks very much!"
Constance Beau de Lomenie.
06/01/09 - CP/1st grade class
"To add to other parent's comments. Camille has been in the program for two years now and we will be enrolling Thommy in the kindergarten program next year. I am very pleased with the progress that Camille is making as she is now able to read in French and even to spell some of the basic French words. I am very pleased with her progress. As for extra-curriculum activities, I have found that limiting her activities to one per week is simpler for us to manage. It allows her to complete her homework (from her US school) and is easier to administer (consider three children x 1 activity). Regarding homework completion, Camille just has to work harder on Mondays and Wednesday to complete her assignments for the week. I would welcome homework from the French classes with a two-weeks completion time-frame. Camille is not as enthusiastic as I would like when it comes to going to French classes but at the end of every class, she has always enjoyed herself, the teachers and her friends. Best"
Julie Rumberger
02/28/06 - CP/1st grade class
Here are answers to your questions:
Do PAFEA children still have time for other activities during the rest of the week (such as sports, music...etc.)?
"Yes there is still time for other activities during the week, not much though."
Is 4 hours a week enough, not enough or too much?
"4 hours is enough."
Do the children like their classes and teachers?
"Yes, Justine really likes her teacher and her classmate."
How is the curriculum and quality of the program?
"We think the program is good and well adapted. The program is good way to learn French and maintain a quality education."
What do you like in particular about the PAFEA program?
"The price is very competitive in comparison to private schools. And very happy with the class size!"
Laurent and Marie Fanget
02/27/05 - Questions to a PAFEA parent - CE2/3rd grade
Here are answers to your questions:
Do PAFEA children still have time for other activities during the rest of the week (such as sports, music...etc.)?
"My child does. However, I think if a child was very committed to a sport (2-3 day practice) it would be a lot to add on the French. My thought is that I consider this class one of his major extracurricular activity and book only one other day activity."
Is 4 hours a week enough, not enough or too much?
"It is enough from the point of view of commitment to the program (I can not imagine doing this three days a week) but I think it is difficult to really accomplish the CNED program, as it stands now, in that amount of time."
Do the children like their classes and teachers?
"My child does."
How is the curriculum and quality of the program?
"I think the CNED program is OK. I don’t think it is the best program for children who will not be returning to a French school as it is too rigorous and rigid to be done in a 4 hour block. I would prefer to either use this program and modify it or see if there was a different program available. Having said that I also realize that different parents are looking for different things and it is difficult to have one program fit everyone’s expectations."
What do you like in particular about the PAFEA program?
"My child gets to be with others to do the CNED program and gets to develop those friendships. The program is teacher led."
Neil Parkin
02/13/05 - Questions to a PAFEA parent - CP/1st grade
"Hello Philippe, I am still on the email list, so I thought I would give you our opinion as well. Alexis and Tristan stayed active in sports throughout the school year. At some point Alexis had French and 2 sports (swimming and baseball), but that turned out to be too much (not for him but for me!). So, we decided that French and one sport is a great combination. 4 hours a week seems to be a good formula. Looking at how easily the boys have adjusted to the French school life here, and how well both of them perform academically, I would say we definitely "got our money's worth" from the PAFEA enrollment. Tristan happened to get a teacher that keeps a very fast pace in CP, but he has had no trouble getting up to speed. As for the teachers, you know that the whole family adored Veronique. For Tristan, it was harder to say, since he was more reluctant to go to his class at times. But, overall he always came out of the class happy, and still talks about "his French teacher, Sophie". Please say hi to your family, the boys' teachers and classmates. All is well on this side of the ocean: we are still in temporary housing until the end of February (some difficulty adjusting to lack of phone line at the beginning.... now it is all fixed), boys are attending the international school in Fontainebleau, and all of us enjoy the forest very much (including the dog). All the best,"
CP/1st et CM1/4th grade
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